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The ain river 2 kms:


The Ain is a river which has its source in the Jura near Nozeroy. It crosses the department of Jura before joining the department of Ain, to which it gave its name, and flows into the Rhône at Saint-Maurice de Gourdans after 190 km. The Ain river is also the origin of artificial lakes such as Vouglans (3rd water reservoir in France) or Coiselet.

Without doubt one of the most beautiful spots and the most accessible to the general public is located between Pont-du-Navoy and Pont-de-Poitte (beginning of Lake Vouglans). To the rhythm of the river, the Jura landscapes pass by and invite you to discover waters a little more lively than those of the Doub, a lush natural environment and gravel pits ideal for picnic breaks or a dip in these clear waters... It's also the joys of a river trip!

Be wary, however, because the Ain is a capricious river which has a variable water flow which is particularly high and is not recommended for navigation in the event of flooding, unless you are an expert in the matter.

The upstream part of the Ain, above Pont du Navoy, is more common with some rapids requiring supervision or experience of more technical courses (class III).

Let's not forget that the Ain is also a river full of fish and particularly popular with fishermen (trout). Please respect the river and the fishermen during your navigation.

                                                                         riviere d'ain

Lake Chalain 6 kms:

Lake Chalain is the largest natural lake in the Jura. Its singularity? Incredibly turquoise water, a legacy of its geological past. Between the pleasures of water and those of heritage discovery, Chalain has a thousand attractions for you to discover!

As soon as the sun comes out, Lake Chalain becomes the favorite meeting place for summer visitors. No need to cross the globe to find water worthy of a tropical lagoon! Chalain is a turquoise setting nestled in the heart of the forest, and framed by mountains. All you have to do is go to the Fontenu belvedere, very easily accessible, to admire its majesty. With its two equipped beaches and a multitude of possible activities nearby, it allows you to fully enjoy a stay in the Jura.

Two beaches supervised in high season (July – August) are accessible on the banks of Lake Chalain. Parking lots providing access to these beaches are subject to charges in high season (June – September). Pedal boat rentals are available on these two beaches.

Two beaches supervised in high season (July – August) are accessible on the banks of Lake Chalain. Parking lots providing access to these beaches are subject to charges in high season (June – September). Pedal boat rentals are available on these two beaches.

                                                                lac de chalain

The herisson valley and waterfalls 13 kms:

The Hérisson valley is one of the largest natural sites in Franche-Comté!

In the heart of the lake region, the Hérisson has its source in the lakes of Ilay and Bonlieu. This torrent, formed from the waters of the Bonlieu and Ilay lakes, follows a course of 3.7 km with a difference in altitude of 250 m and offers no less than 31 jumps including 7 main waterfalls.Let yourself be surprised by the magic of the place and the discovery, with each step, of an ever more magical spectacle.

                                                            cascades du hérisson

Baume les Messieurs 17 kms:

It undoubtedly constitutes the finest example of retreat. It incises the limestone plateau in the form of a branched valley, each diverticulum of which ends in a cirque, at the foot of which emerges a resurgence which feeds the Seille. Strongly digitized, it divides into two major branches 4km from its outlet on the low country: the northern branch goes towards the village of Ladoye-sur-Seille, passing through Blois-sur-Seille, and the southern branch towards the village from Baume-les-Messieurs.
The Cirque de Baume Classified 3*** and Natura 2000.

 The imperial abbey, a must-see site in Baume-les-Messieurs in the Jura, one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in France”.
Founded in the 6th century, the building enlarged by Bernon at the end of the 9th century became a famous abbey from which the founding monks of Cluny left.
The development of the abbey of Baume les Messieurs began in the 11th century.
In the 12th century, the abbey took the title of “imperial abbey”.
In 1147, Baume was subject to the authority of Cluny. It is from this moment that its decline begins. At the end of the 18th century, the last monks were converted into secular canons. During the revolution the monks left the abbey and part of it was privatized.
This Benedictine abbey today offers an impressive architectural ensemble, certain elements of which are typical of early Jura Romanesque art.
The Saint-Pierre Abbey Church dates from the 11th century and has been listed as a Historic Monument since 1849.


Arbois 25 kms, Poligny 16 kms, Salins Les Bains 33 kms:



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